Memorial Day: Just another holiday?

memorial day
I wrote this blog two years ago, but it still seems appropriate and my thoughts just as pertinent as we celebrate Memorial Day today. Take a second please take a second to  think about what this day means before you have your holiday celebration.  It is the least we can do today for those who gave their lives for our freedom and liberty.

Aging Capriciously

It often seems that special days like:  Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Labor Day and many other “Holy-days” have lost their meaning.  They have become corrupted by our greed for leisure time and pleasure.  They represent “just another day off with pay.”  The true meaning and purpose of the day lies undiscovered in our rush to party or go to the big game.  How many of us celebrate the true meaning anymore of days like Memorial Day?  Do you realize that this is a day set aside to celebrate and commemorate the heroism and sacrifice of the millions of veterans who have given their lives for our freedom and way of life?  Do you ever wonder where these men and women got their courage from or how they could give up so much for you and me?  How many of us would risk our lives for an idea or for someone…

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