We Need a Fair Immigration Policy – Not an Anti-Immigration Policy!

I wrote this a few years ago. I have added a few thoughts to this series of three blogs which deal with immigration. If you want a fair immigration policy and not an anti-immigration policy, I think you will find my thoughts and ideas about this subject interesting. I am trying to put the subject out there objectively and stay away from the virulent anti-immigration hate mongering fostered by people like Donald Trump and many other Tea Party supporters.

Aging Capriciously

The topic of immigration today is one of the most important subjects for all Americans.  Studies in productivity show that increases in productivity are due to two major factors:  Education and Immigration.  Once upon a time we had a system for both of these objectives which helped make our country great.  Today, both of these systems are broke and need reform.  If we are to compete in a global economy, we must have a 21st Century immigration policy that meets the needs of employers and those immigrants that want to or need to come to the USA.  I had already decided to write about this subject when I found myself between the proverbial rock and a hard place.   Immigration has become a key weapon in the mouths of people like Trump, Cruz, Rubio and many other candidates.  A climate of fear which has pervaded this country since 911 has…

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