3644 – Friday, May 10, 2019 – Just Another Day in Frederic, Wisconsin

Going to take my Honda in for a checkup this morning.  The suspension seems rough and I think it might need shocks and struts.  It has 235,000 miles on it, but the motor and transmission run well.  I think it is a gamble to spend any money on it as it is a 2009 car.  However, as with all things in life, one calculates an intuitive cost benefit analysis and decides based on the risk.  New cars costing what they do, I think it is worth the risk if I can get another 100,000 miles out of the vehicle.  If not, well that is why they call it risk.

Later this evening, we are going to a community banquet that presents awards to the Frederic Volunteer of the Year, the Citizen of the Year and the Business of the Year.  Each recipient gets an award but not before being regaled by several friends or co-workers.  In a sort of a “roast” format, the friends and/or co-workers provide some narrative (often very funny) on how the recipient has helped or contributed to the community.  It is all done in fun and well-meaning towards the award winner.  The banquet starts at 6 PM and will probably go until 9 PM or later.  Karen and I have attended four or five of these award dinners since moving up to Frederic in 2010.

We enjoy attending them because we get to hear some great stories about our neighbors which are both heart warming and inspirational.  Many of the winners do so much for the community with no thought of recompense or that they will ever be recognized.  In an age, when there seems so much bad news and stories of avarice and greed, hearing what some people are doing to help their neighbors instills me with hope for humanity.

My in-between time (between garage and banquet) will consist of going to the library for coffee and to find out how the Trade Lake Meeting on CAFO’s (Concentrated animal feeding operations went).  They are planning to build a 9000-capacity hog farm up in our neighborhood and many of the local citizens do not want it in their back yard.  Last night they held a meeting to discuss concerns and issues regarding the establishment of this feed operation.  I was too tired to go, and I don’t choose to make a battle out of this problem until I find out more about the pros and cons.  So far, it seems like it is mostly cons.  High risk with little gain for the local farmers and residents.

We have a group of local guys who get together each morning at the Frederic library.  The library provides the coffee and between three to a dozen of us get together daily to solve the problems of the world.  Karen has snidely noted that women’s groups typically meet only once per week while our “guy” group meets every day from 10 to 12 and then after the “regular” meeting some of us go out to lunch together to continue our conversations.  Without her saying it, I know she is thinking: “How is that women are thought to be the gossipy ones.”  I just tell her that there are many complex problems in the world and that Frederic men are ready to solve them all; if only we could agree on a solution. 😊

After library time, I will then head home to read a little and perhaps decide what I will fix on the travel trailer.  I have a few minor repair jobs to do on it.  I have been waiting for the weather to warm up before tackling any outside work.  I went out yesterday for a run and it was 33 degrees with a brisk wind.  My ears started to freeze or at least feel like they were freezing.  It is taking us some time to get used to the colder weather here in Wisconsin after coming from Arizona.

I hear a voice out in the darkness,

It cries and whispers through the pines.

I know it’s fate a calling,

I hear her through the winds of time.

It’s clear she wants to see me soon,

A need that echoes in my mind.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jane Fritz
    May 10, 2019 @ 19:01:11

    Much more upbeat! 😏



  2. johnpersico
    May 13, 2019 @ 04:19:35

    Sometimes I am upbeat and sometimes down. I guess my nature is to be more down, so I work on trying to balance my writing. I don’t think people want down beat all the time. Thanks Jane for noticing.



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