Legislating Balanced Perspectives in Education  



There is a movement afoot all over the USA for what one might call, “Balanced perspectives in education.”  Every intelligent person understands that there is usually more than one perspective on things.  History and even science can be prone to paradigms that today are considered “absolute truth” but tomorrow are found to be wrong.

History is told from the perspective of the conqueror and tends to leave out minority views.  Science is based on theories which are formed on existing facts and evidence.  However, there is seldom enough evidence to prove any one theory to be 100 percent correct.  Science is a system of successive approximation.  Over time, new evidence is developed, and science revises existing theories.  In many cases, we have seen old theories replaced by new theories.

Thus, on the face of it, one might wonder how any logical or rational or sane person could question this new move to “Legislate balanced perspectives in education.”  Well, consider what I said earlier, “There is usually more than one perspective.”  The fact that there is more than one perspective does not render all viewpoints or opinions as equally valid, truthful, or accurate.  Some perspectives are more accurate than other perspectives.  Some theories are superior to other theories.  The new move is being legislated by stupid (yes, I said stupid) politicians and political leaders who know nothing or just about nothing about science and education.  The move to insure “balanced perspectives” is being dictated by politics.  There is no concern for the truth and there is no concern for science by those passing these laws to insure “balance in teaching.”

I propose a list of issues that should be taught without ANY balance in perspectives.  I propose this list because all the existing facts and data support the validity of these events or happenings.  Within ten minutes of thinking about this list, I came up with over 100 issues but in the interest of expediency, I will stick to my top ten.  I doubt any of you would want to hear my total list.  Notice my key word is NOT:

  1. The moon is NOT made out of green cheese (Perhaps Wisconsin Swiss)
  2. Elvis Presley is NOT alive and living upstairs in Graceland (He may be living in the basement)
  3. You will NOT go to hell for being LGBTIQA+
  4. If you do not support Trump, you are NOT a Traitor (Violent disagreement here in the Republican party)
  5. The world is NOT flat. (Not sure it is round either)
  6. White people are NOT superior to Black, Latino, Asian or Indigenous people
  7. Christopher Columbus did NOT discover America. (He wasn’t even looking for it)
  8. Christianity is NOT superior to other religions
  9. Greed in NOT good (Never mind what Michael Douglas says in Wall-Street)
  10. John Persico is NOT a genius (I can make an exception for this one)

A teen aged girl who lives in Texas came home from school one day and was met by her mom.

Daughter:  Our teacher was telling us about the Holocaust today when one of the other students said that his dad told him the holocaust never happened.  That the Jews made the whole story up for sympathy.

Mom:  What did your teacher say?

Daughter:  Well, the teacher looked at a list of “alternative perspective” issues that she keeps on her desk and replied, “You may be right.  Let’s look at the other side of this issue.  We will consider that the Holocaust is a made-up story, and that six million Jews did not die.”

Teacher:  On one side, we have millions of people who can testify that the holocaust actually happened.  We have video tapes.  Physical evidence of gas chambers.  Evidence of bodies.  Evidence of survivors.  Evidence of soldiers who liberated the camps.  Memoirs, written descriptions by noted people and the fact of the Anti-Jewish laws promulgated by the Nazis.

Teacher:  However, on the other side.  The side that disputes the existence of the Holocaust we have the belief that all of the evidence I cited above is “Fake.”  All of the testimonies are lies and part of a grand conspiracy to make Jews the superior race.  We have hundreds of right-wing nationalists and anti-Semite’s who believe that all the evidence supporting the Holocaust is fake and make-believe.

Teacher:  Now that I have given equal time to both perspectives on the Holocaust issue, we can move on to discussing the “Big Lie.”  That the last election was actually stolen from President Trump.

The following day the teacher was fired for not adequately balancing her view of the two perspectives concerning the Holocaust.


An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.   — Mahatma Gandhi

We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion.  The great task in life is to find reality. — Iris Murdoch

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  1. Jane Fritz
    Oct 16, 2021 @ 19:39:54

    I have to ask: is your country in free fall?



    • Dr. John Persico Jr.
      Oct 17, 2021 @ 19:24:49

      Hi Jane, all empires have crashed. I think we are on the downhill side. John

      Liked by 1 person


      • Jane Fritz
        Oct 18, 2021 @ 07:42:09

        That’s what I keep thinking: all empires have crashed. We just don’t think about it happening right in front of our eyes.



        • Dr. John Persico Jr.
          Oct 19, 2021 @ 08:22:02

          Jane, an interesting thought. Like a science fiction movie where the heroine goes back in time and witnesses some catastrophe and then tries to figure out how to change history without screwing up the future. Only we are not back in time, but watching the decline real time. John

          Liked by 1 person


  2. Wayne Woodman
    Oct 16, 2021 @ 21:26:49

    Thank you for your thoughts outlining the stupidity of politicians, lawmakers and legislators in the US. I believe this is just another example of the your otherwise beautiful country losing it’s way and becoming stuck in a moralistic morass. I wish us all a little more tolerance and intelligence to get through this awful time.



  3. Wayne Woodman
    Oct 16, 2021 @ 21:28:00

    Reblogged this on Musings and Wonderings and commented:
    To give this perspective you really need to follow the link and read the news article.



    • Dr. John Persico Jr.
      Oct 17, 2021 @ 19:23:08

      Right Wayne. I figured as much and included the article as well. Good to know it worked that way. Thanks for the comment. John



  4. jennygirl1278
    Oct 27, 2021 @ 17:27:25

    I can not feel anything but disgust and disbelief that we have these lunatics in the world. What have they been reduced to. I have heard this argument before, and I could not stop shaking my head. There are no words to express. Satan is alive and well. This is evil personified.



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