How Can We Set Realistic Exercise Goals as We Age?

Posted this three years ago but I think you will find it very useful if you are aging and still trying to stay active.. Too much of the information for aging people is not very helpful and is in many cases harmful. I am 75 years old and it is January 2nd, 2022. I am reposting this before going for a four mile trail run up the Casa Grande Mountains. I note this to give you some idea as to my current fitness and health. I follow the advice given in this posting and it has helped me to stay fit, active, healthy and happy. Good Luck to you on your journey this year to health.

Aging Capriciously

time to set goals concept clock
Goal setting is as American as mom, God and apple pie.  Every exercise book, life improvement book and management book has a section on goal setting and accolades for the process.  I also once subscribed to the philosophy that those who did not set goals for their life were losers, losers and bigger losers.  Winners set goals.  When winners reach their goals, they up the bar and set them even higher.  That is the American Way.  Set unreachable goals and if you should meet those goals, then move the bar up, ever up, ever higher.

Well, I am going to tell you that everything in the above paragraph is STUPID advice.  Most of the wisdom around goal setting is simply dumb.  Unfortunately, when it comes to your health, it is not only dumb, it is dangerous.  It was not until 1986 that I met the man who would change my…

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  1. travelingsnyders
    Jan 02, 2022 @ 16:18:26

    Timely advice John for all those who make “New Year’s Resolutions”- including fitness. My resolution is: NOT to make resolutions. It just adds to my self-loathing unnecessarily. Happy New Year to you and Karen. I have done a little walking lately, but nothing much. Hoping, as the weather allows, to continue. It is hilly here so that makes it more cardio too, which is good for me. Tom is doing a little better now. It has been a long haul since he was in the hospital, but each day is just a little better than the previous one, so that is good. He sees the doctor tomorrow for a follow-up. Do take care, both of you. Hugs, N.




    • Dr. John Persico Jr.
      Jan 02, 2022 @ 18:31:49

      Happy New Year Nancy to you and Tom. Hoping things keep getting better for both of you. Sometimes at our age it is hard to be optimistic but it seems better than being pessimistic if given a choice. Take care and hugs as well. Karen misses you much. John



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