What does Springtime mean for you?

HI, I wrote this 12 years ago. It is a paean to Spring. It seems appropriate to repost on this first day of Spring.

Aging Capriciously

Summer is now in the air in Minnesota but I think it is still Spring I love best. Spring, the time of year when we start thinking about taking out the lawnmowers, planning vacations, worrying about taxes, planting flowers and getting outside more. The cold weather and short days are behind us and we get peeks at the eventual coming of summer. The buds have appeared on the trees; snow is gone, lent is over and green becomes the dominant color. The apple blossoms, tulips and lilacs are georgeous this year. Each Spring seems to have its own personality. Spring signifies renewal and rebirth. The cycle of life starts again with Spring.

For each of us, Spring brings a different set of meanings and a different response. Some of us will think of romance. Springtime in Paris seems magical and many of us have visions (or perhaps memories of visiting…

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