Is your life filled with passion or with counting time?

I lost track of the time. Where did the time go? How often have you heard someone make this comment? Generally, it means we were so engrossed with what we were doing that we forgot we had another appointment or schedule. When we lose track of time, time no longer seems to exist. It is not moving fast or slow, it just does not seem to matter to us. I heard someone say recently that they did not wake up and say “gee, I have to go to work today.” Instead, they woke up and said “Wow, I get to go to work again today.” Can you imagine the difference between time for the first case and the second? Time in the first case is drudgery and time in the second is a joy.

When you do not enjoy what you are doing. Time matters the most to you. You check the clock. You wonder when the time will go by. You find ways to “break” up your time. The more “breaks” the better. When we enjoy or even love what we are doing, we forget the clock. We don’t worry about breaks or when will it be time to go home. Sean John’s says “life without passion is unforgiveable.” He lives this in his daily life. His message is important for all of us. How many of us find lives that are full of passion? Why not? Is such a life beyond our reaches or do we just fail to make the choice?

The more our world is dominated by time, by pressures to do things faster, to multi-task, or to live in the fast lane the less happy and more stressed we will be. Wouldn’t it be wonderful, if time did not matter anymore and we could lose track of time on a permanent basis? What if our lives were so filled with passion that every second was one we could live with for eternity? What if passion replaced time in our lives? When was the last time you lost track of time? Can you hardly wait to go to work or do you count each workday between Sunday and Friday? Is your life filled with passion or wondering when the minute hand will move forward?

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