What is the value of one minute of time?

Just one minute! One minute please! Right! We all know that when someone says “just one minute,” it will be more than one minute. Have you ever thought about a simple minute? What is one minute? Of course it is just sixty seconds. Not too much too ask of anyone it seems. But how many minutes do each of us have in our lives? If we live to an average age of say eighty, then we will each have 42,048,000 minutes in our lives. You could say that in respect to time, we all start out as millionaires and end up as paupers. For no one leaves this earth with even one minute left of time to spend.

I think we all spend our time perhaps more wastefully than we do our money. Imagine the moment when you will have only 60 minutes left to spend. How precious each of those minutes will be! We go through our days spending minutes like the proverbially drunken sailor. We yak on our cell phones, we create mindless diversions so the time will pass more quickly and we hardly ever really think of whether we are doing the important things in our lives or just wasting our minutes. We act like young children who think they will live forever. It never occurs to us that someday our bank of minutes will be near depletion and we will rue those minutes we simply threw away.

An old saying is that if you watch the pennies the dollars will take care of themselves. Well, if you watch the minutes, perhaps the hours and days will take care of themselves. How well do you respect your minutes? During each day, do you just hope the clock will move faster so you can do something else or do you cherish each moment? What is one way you can treasure your minutes more today? Can you spend just one minute today thinking about your joys and happiness and what it means to be alive? Can you reflect on how precious the last minute of your life will be or the last minute of a loved ones time with you?

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