The time line that might have been!

The time line that might have been! In the reading before you were asked to do a time line. This was to be a short version of the key points and milestones in your life. However, what if you had done the time line you might have had? The time line you might have had would center on the key decisions that you made and the alternate changes to you life if you had decided otherwise. For instance, what if you had not married? What if you had gone to school or what if you had not gone to school? What if you had not gone into the military or perhaps had gone into the military? The time line that might have been will look at all those decisions and opportunities that you passed up in favor of other opportunities and decisions. It is not a pure fantasy, since it is not a wishful timeline, but it is based on choices and events that you could have chosen. For instance, when I was eighteen, I went into the Air Force. I could have chosen to go to college. If I had made that choice, how would my time line have looked? Would I still have married at 21 and had a baby girl?

If you went back to your time line and thought about the key decision points, how might your life had changed at these points? This exercise is somewhat conjecture, because you can only guess how these changes “might” have changed your life. It is interesting to look at it from this perspective though as it helps us to reflect on the key decision points or our lives and what impact they have had or how our lives might have been different.

What key decisions have most impacted you life? Have they been mostly for the good? Would your life have been happier or more satisfactory with a different set of decisions? Are you positioned now to make better decisions in the future? Can you accept the fact that you can now choose a different life for yourself and do not have to go on with the one you have created so far?

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