Would you llike a method for turning your dreams into reality?

Now it’s time to create the time line of your dreams. This is a fantasy time line or the time line of your wildest dreams. You can let your imagination have free rein here. All you have to do is create the time line that you would have wanted, if you could have had your wildest dreams come true. What would be the greatest moments in your life if you could have this fantasy time line? Not just one moment, but an entire life of them. You can pick any events or situations that you would desire. It may be hard to conceive of such a time line since it forces us to really stretch our minds. Doing this exercise (creating an entire life that would perhaps be very different than the one we did live) forces us to ask some tough questions about the life we are living.

Why did we not live the time line that we could dream of? Perhaps you did not really dream enough or perhaps you did not really risk enough. I see so many people who do not think they have the power to make their dreams become reality. Many of us watch these fantasy TV shows and live vicariously through others, never thinking that we could be living a dream life if we had really believed it was possible. Now, of course not everything is possible for everyone. However, the world shows us that our limits are usually far above our aspirations and most people under-strive rather than over-strive.

However, if you want to change your dreams into reality, they must first become goals. What makes dreams into goals? Dreams become goals when you have a plan. A plan allocates the time and resources and is the pathway to reality. Your dreams are in the sky, reality is on the earth. If you want to attain reality, you must put resources and commitment into a concrete plan. Only then will your dreams become real.

The good story is that if you are reading this your life is not over. You still have time to attain many if not most of your dreams. Starting today, starting right now, you can create the time line that you want for the rest of your life and start living it. Have you started? If not, what is standing in your way? What would it take to remove these obstacles? Who could help you? There is always someone willing to help make your dreams a reality.

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