How to find lost time?

Losing time is an expression that one hears as “I lost a great deal of time waiting for him to show up.” In actual practice, this concept of losing time may either be an oxymoron or perhaps simply an outright impossibility. I suppose that you could argue that since we “find time”, perhaps someone has lost it somewhere. However, can you actually lose time? Have you ever lost time? I would like to know how one could lose something that exists only in our heads.

You might have used more time than you thought you would, but you never lost time. Even if you waited four hours for someone to show up whom never did, you did not lose time. You might not have got much done and you might have better used your time elsewhere but you did not lose anything; unless, it was faith in the person you were waiting for. Perhaps we are really talking about “misusing time, but that would be different than losing time.

If you misuse your body by smoking, excessive indulgences, lack of exercise, lack of sleep or too much stress, you will undoubtedly “lose” time, in the sense that you will live a much shorter life. Nevertheless, there are always those lucky few who will still outlive many of us regardless of how well we use our time. But for most of us, if we abuse our health and our time we can count on a shorter life. Thus, losing time is not like a watch that runs slower, it is more like taking time out of your bucket of time and throwing it away. The problem is you might never find it again. Once it is gone, it is gone forever.

Using your time properly, you will never lose it and it is never too late to start. Make a commitment to start exercising today or to stop smoking or to practice a better diet and you are making a commitment to finding time. These practices will help you to find the time that you lost by using your time properly. The correct use of time is the only way to really find time and the incorrect use of time is the only way to lose time. Use time to do the things that really add years to your life and you will be happier and live longer. What do you need to do today to start finding your “lost” time?

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