When do you lose track of time? Does it matter?

Losing track of time! You thought it was 4 PM and it was now 7PM! Where did the time go? We have all had the experience of losing track of time. What causes us to lost track of time? I think for many of us, when we are so focused on what we are doing, time seems to simply fly by. It goes a hundred miles an hour when we are focused and disciplined. Time flies and we do not even notice. The minutes or even hours that we lost seem to have been compressed into a few seconds. Paradoxically, those times lost are some of the most memorable times in our lives.

The first time we met someone we fell in love with, our first day on a new job, a trip to a special place, a meeting with someone extraordinarily interesting; in each of these instances, time either flew by or we did not even notice the clock passing. We became so engaged that time no longer existed. And who can forget those times? The fact that we lost track of time is unimportant. What remains important to us is the experience of being so absorbed and so immersed in what we were doing or who we were with that time no longer mattered to us. We lose track of time because we stop caring about time and its passage. The present becomes more important than the past or the future. We are truly living in the present in these moments and time no longer counts.

When was the last time you lost track of time? What were you doing? How often do you lose track of time? Do you ever regret losing track of time? What if you lost track of time more often? What would your life be like if you were more absorbed in the present and less conscious of the past and future?

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  1. Anonymous
    Apr 11, 2014 @ 08:28:56

    such a profound blog , made me understand a lot about my life, question though u seem smart enuff to answer, do we go mad if we lose track of time , seconds , hours , days, maybe years?
    reguards brendy



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