Is today your day of Glory?

Glory time! Halleluiah! Are you waiting for glory time? “It will be a glorious day in heaven that awaits all repentant sinners. However, the fires in hell will burn brighter as they consume the bones and blood of those who fail to repent. Today is Glory Day. Lift up thine eyes to heaven so that you may see what awaits you. The downcast will be lifted up and the exalted will be cast down.” Or so it has been said!

Well, perhaps I exaggerate some, but what could be a more glorious time for some then the day they rise up to get their just rewards? More immediate but more mundane times of glory may await those of us who prefer to tarry on this earth. Many of us yearn for a day of glory; to rise on the pedestal and be recognized for a “once in a lifetime” achievement. – To have a crowd of friends and admirers all standing there to cheer at our success – We have the Oscars, the Emmys, the Grammys, the Bowl Games, the Super Bowl, the World Series, American Idol and a zillion playoffs, but most of us will never attend one of these, much less play in one or win one.

For most ordinary people, our glory time will be winning a local soccer tournament, or taking first place in our third-grade spelling bee. A good friend of mine recently received notice that he was going to be inducted into an academic Hall of Fame. I once took second place in a father-daughter canoe race. I still keep the trophy. It is the only trophy I have ever received. The irony is that regardless of how small these accomplishments may seem to others, we will never forget the moment or the time of our glory. For the rest of our lives, we will remember our moment of glory. There may be other glory times or more significant times, but glory times are like precious moments of happiness, they come and go all too fast for our liking. That is their nature; can you imagine spending days and weeks in glory time? When was your last glory time? What do you remember about it? Why was it important to you then and now?

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