TGIF? Or Are you sad its Frrday?

Friday, Friday, too much too say about this day! Black Friday, Freaky Friday, Good Friday; Casual Friday, Unlucky Friday, TGIF! Can you believe a chain of restaurants, a god and more songs than I could list named after this day? Friday, is derived from the Anglo-Saxon form of Frigga, the Germanic goddess of beauty. Frigga was the goddess of love, marriage, and destiny. She was the wife of the powerful Norse god Odin, The All-Father.

If there were a magic day, it would be Friday. You know the reason why too, don’t you? The last day of the week, payday, the day that three day weekends begin on and a holy day as well. The Easybeats sing: “Monday, I’ve got Friday on my mind.” We can all identify with that song, since many of us start thinking about Friday as soon as we are headed to work on Monday. Even those of us who love our work, often look forward to this last day in the week, the day before our weekend break begins and frequently the day we begin it on early. In Japan, Friday is Kin-Youbi: “Gold Day” or “money day”, and in many Asian cultures, paydays are on Friday (Wikipedia). Friday for others has often been associated with the dreaded pink slips. Instead of getting paid, you receive your layoff notice. Love it, hate it, dread it, fear it, but you cannot ignore Friday.

What do Fridays mean to you? Have Fridays more often been good to you or bad? Do you anxiously wait for each Friday or do you take your days one at a time? What do you like most about Fridays? What if we had a four day week and skipped Fridays? How would you feel about that? Would you miss your Fridays?

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