How often do we not have enought time? Do you want to know why?

“Gee, I don’t have enough time to write in my time book today.” How often has that happened, that you scheduled something to do and then just did not have enough time to do it? Why does this happen? Obviously, it happens because something else comes up that we judge to be more important. Since it is more important, it has a higher priority for our time and goes to the top of our “to do” list. My sister unexpectedly came over to visit, the baby was born, the car broke down, I was fired, the sun came out, we had a blizzard, etc., etc., and etc. We can find a million reasons for not having time and there would still be more. Two things are undeniable here. The first is, we are making a choice and prioritizing our time. We have the option of not changing our schedules but it can be quite difficult to avoid it. The second is, “shit happens.” We cannot control the world, other people, or the weather.

When the unexpected arises, which it invariably will, we must be prepared to be flexible. We all know what happened to the dinosaurs. Actually, do we really know why the dinosaurs died? Was it because they were inflexible or did a big asteroid simply obliterate them? What if despite our best efforts to be “flexible” a big asteroid simply obliterates us? Well, please don’t lose too much sleep over this. It will change your schedule but that’s okay, because no one else will care.

Regarding your life, how often do you not have enough time? Is it a common or uncommon occurrence? What do you attribute this to? Are you in the flexible or inflexible camp? Do you take responsibility for your decisions or do you blame “events beyond your control?”

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