What does the 4th of July really mean?

Happy 4th of July: I wrote this blog four years ago and it still rings true to me. I hope it will help you to think about what this day truly means.

Aging Capriciously

Happy 4th of July! The 1st of July is the 182nd day of the year. As you watch the fireworks tonight, consider that today is now the 185th day of the year. This probably will make little or no difference to your enjoyment of the display you go to see. Each year, the displays seem to get more spectacular. I am rather surprised since the economy has been in a recession and everyone is cutting back on spending. Nevertheless, the fireworks displays seem to be longer and more unique each year. This weekend we could go to a display on Saturday, Sunday and Monday nights. A few nights ago we watched one display and the loud explosions, dazzling sparkles and bright flashes of color contrasting with the grey smoke really brought home to me the vision that drove Francis Scott Key to write the “Star Spangled Banner.”

O! Say can…

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