The Greatest Story Never Told!

I want to share this blog again as it deals with my Mother and it seems fitting to post this story on Mothers Day or at least the week of Mothers Day. Consider it a story for all Moms who are not appreciated when they are alive but deeply appreciated when it is too late to let them know.

Aging Capriciously

I think this is a great day to write a blog.  Imagine rain and thunder and lightning in Arizona!  I went to a conference on writing skills at Central Arizona College on Thursday with my friend Socorro.  It is amazing how much one can learn about writing no matter how much one thinks they know.  I have been suffering from “writers block” for the past week or perhaps “lack of writing time” and this workshop motivated me to get my butt on the keyboard.  There is no writing without some form of sitting time.  With a day of rain and storms, there is little I can use in the form of an excuse to not write this blog.  Besides, I was inspired by my dead grandfather last night to tell this story.  It is the story that he never told me.  I woke up in the middle of the night…

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