Where did the Drug Crisis Start?

Where did the “Drug Crisis Start?”  Since 1980 deaths from drug overdoses in the USA have steadily increased every year.  In 1999, the per capita rate of drug deaths (Based on 100,000 people) was 6.1 for all drugs while the rate of deaths from opioids was 2.9.  In 2017, the rate was 21.7 for all drugs and 14.9 percent for opioids.


Why are so many dying from Opioids?


This article in the Guardian states that the main reason for the increases was the epidemic created by the pharmaceutical industry in pushing drugs for pain relief for very common problems such as arthritis and back pain. 

Thus, while we arrest drug dealers, the real culprits go scott free and become billionaires on the suffering of the US population. 

Certainly there is a causal link between an aging population, increased obesity, back pain, prescription drugs and drug deaths.  But as we should have clearly seen even twenty years ago, the solution is not more PAIN Killers.”

It should have been obvious to the doctors, pharmaceutical executives, FDA and all of our political leaders.  However, truth and reality are too often forgotten when it comes to making profits.  Greed trumps all other considerations and millions of Americans have become hooked on painkillers to alleviate symptoms that can often be treated with much simpler and more effective solutions.

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  1. johnpersico
    Mar 21, 2019 @ 21:07:56

    This comment is from a good friend.

    Hi John,

    Somehow I can’t seen to figure out how to comment on your site so I will do this instead. It is SO sad and tragic. I do believe some on the pharmaceutical companies are to blame, and I know physicians say they received bad information, but I also think physicians should have known better and seen this coming.

    Chronic pain can lead people to do desperate things instead of looking for safer alternatives. So how do we reverse what has happened? That is the question, I think. There is so much awareness now but the problem continues to grow.

    Thanks for the reminders to all of us.




  2. Jeanine
    Mar 26, 2019 @ 08:26:58

    Big Pharma is responsible for the drug crisis. Can they not make a suitable pain reliever that will not have you addicted in a a relatively short time, and doctors who would rather pick up a prescription pad and I discriminantly write opiods for people who they could educate in other areas of pain control. Whatever happened to recommending P.T, a heating or ice bag. Do their victims not know that the pain of getting off these drugs is far worse than the pain they are suffering?? I am not a stranger to addiction, nor do I consider myself an expert on the subject, but I know one thing for sure, Big Pharma is the Kingpin of the drug world. They keep coming out with stronger and more addictive drugs at the expense of the public, and more and more people are getting hooked!



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