A Dire Warning to Me from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee!


In the last three elections, I voted for Obama, Hillary, and Biden.  However, these candidates were only marginally better than the Reprehensibles on the Right.  There is a blight or perhaps a disease in politics today and it is money.  “Follow the Money” as my now deceased friend Dick ALWAYS said.  And he was always right.  Each of these candidates has been only slightly less of a war monger.  Obama followed his generals directives to a T.  (See “Obama’s Unending Wars: Fronting the Foreign Policy of the Permanent Warfare State” and “Obama’s Wars.”)   Hillary was a known hawk and Biden has now got us knee deep in the Ukraine.

War today is a means to perpetuate economic dominance.  Our leaders guided by their rich contributors, corporate benefactors, lobbying partners, and fellow rich crowd intend for the USA to dominate the economic decisions in the world.  These decisions are not there to benefit the poor or middle class.  They are there to benefit the rich and powerful.  As George Carlin said in a famous monologue, “There is a big club for rich people and you ain’t fuckin in it.”  Any benefit to the poor and middle class is a bi-product sometimes called “Trickle Down.”  Only, don’t count on it regularly trickling down.  It will only trickle down if any is left over after the billionaires take their share.  Politicians are there to make sure just enough is left over to keep the public appeased and waiting for more to trickle down.

Which brings me to my latest missive or plea for more money from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).  I get these requests regularly since I have supported Democratic candidates in the main as the lesser of two evils.  This latest plea for money was in my email box a day ago.  The DCCC comments are in bold black ink below.  My comments to their requests are in bright red.



Fourth attempt for John  

I get called by my first name. Like they know me.  Funny, I have never been invited to any of the balls, celebrations, or inaugurations for the candidates that I have supported.  Fourth Attempt?  I do not recall getting three attempts before)

DEMOCRATS ATTACKED (via DCCC) <dccc@dccc.org>  

Are they kidding?  Democrats attacked!  On MY GOD!  I will rush out and buy an AR 15 to protect the poor Democrats!  I wonder who is attacking them?  Could it be those reprehensible Republicans?

Mon, May 8, 1:01 PM (19 hours ago)

We emailed you last night.

We emailed you this morning.

We emailed you this afternoon.

Now we’re emailing you again, John — because we’re deeply concerned.

I am deeply concerned here as well.  How do I stop getting these frickin emails from these assholes?  I can’t seem to stop them no matter what I do.  If I gave them one million dollars today, I would get more emails tomorrow asking for another million. 

Republicans just passed a HORRIFYING bill with drastic budget cuts that would harm America’s seniors and veterans. 

Oh Yes!  Resort to fear.  How did they know I was a senior and a veteran?  I am HORRIFIED!

And now, a GOP dark money group just launched ads in must-win districts ATTACKING our Democrats for opposing their efforts! 

Dark money?  Like the Democrats are not getting Dark Money?  What group is this?  Can they be more specific?  A nebulous GOP dark money group just launched ads.  My My, what is new?

John, it’s clear Republicans are sparing no expense in their fight to hold on to power and further their radical agenda. 

This is ironic.  The Republicans are sparing no expense, so I should spare no expense?  Talk about OPM.  Other people’s money.  They want my money to fight Republicans so they can throw my money away as well.  This is going to change the economic system and political system in America and help me to live to a ripe old age without any economic worries?  I am already 76.  I think I will take my chances with my present bank account.

But unless we get 8,800 grassroots gifts in the door before midnight, we could LOSE any hope of reclaiming our Majority.  So please, we’re BEGGING you: Can we count on you to answer the call with $11 to the DCCC straight away? 

How can I resist anyone begging me?  They only want a measly 11 dollars.  If I give it, Democrats can reclaim our Majority.  Maybe the stupid Democrats should have blocked the Republicans years ago when they were doing all their Gerrymandering with the districts.  This is why the Republicans can thwart the majority because they have rigged the game while the Democrats had their heads up their asses.


NAME: John Persico

Suggested Support: $11

Please, John: We need you to make a choice.

Will you let these shady GOP attacks destroy our standing in the polls and hand McCarthy another horrifying term as House Speaker? 

Right!  More money is always the solution.  Republicans are shady but what are Democrats?  Stupid and Gullible!  

Or will you rush in $11 to the DCCC to help defend our House Democrats, flip the House BLUE, and rescue our country from the GOP’s chaotic Majority? 

I love this.  My 11 dollars will rescue our country so we can continue to send money to the Ukraine.  Where next Democrats?

If you’ve saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your donation will go through immediately:

At least Democrats have learned how to use online payment systems.  Only took them twenty years. 

Chip in $11 immediately >>

Chip in $15 immediately >>

Chip in $22 immediately >>

Chip in $38 immediately >>

Chip in $90 immediately >>

Or chip in another amount >>

Sure, I will send you all my 401 K, my first-born baby and my tickets to the upcoming Andrea Bocelli concert.

Thank you,


Thank you DCCC for being as greedy, short-sighted, and stupid as the Republican Party in continuing to treat politics in this country as simply a battle between who can raise the most money and who has the most money for ads.  Thank you for continuing to hound and try to frighten poor people with fake threats and phony dire warnings about what will happen to America.  The disease that you and the Republican Party are spreading is the real disaster that is happening to America.  It is a disease that puts money over morals and ethics and character.  Feeding more money into this system is like pouring gasoline on a fire. 

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