Do You Have a Time Capsule? Why Not?

Another “Older but Goodie.” Time may have caught up with this blog but did you get your “Time Capsule” yet? What are you waiting for? Read my blog and find out why everyone should have a “Time Capsule” and how to make one for little or nothing. Or if you prefer you can buy one.

Aging Capriciously

BTSTimeCapsule_WEB-1Time Capsules!  I want to open a time capsule.  When I was a small boy, I was truly fascinated by the whole idea of a time capsule.  It seemed so Buck Rogers like.  You take parts of present civilization, put them in a non-destructible container, bury it in the ground and then 1000 years later, you open it up. The commonplace of the past are not the treasures of the future.  I did not believe anything could be more interesting.

I hoped someday that I could be present at the opening of one.  I thought surely sometime during my lifetime, a time capsule from the past would be opened and I could be present when it was opened.  How exciting it would be!  I would be able to see what people of generations long ago thought was important.  The messages and memories sent by the people from generations past…

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