Do you have any crying time in your life?

I am reposting this blog from May 11, 2010, 13 years ago that still resonates with me today. This one could be expanded to talk more about “hypermasculinity” which just may be one of the biggest threats we face today.  Machismo and Crying are the anti-thesis of each other and perhaps that is our problem.

Aging Capriciously


Crying Time is more acceptable for women than men.  Nevertheless, even men have their crying times.  Crying time most likely occurs over a tragic death, when we lose a relationship, attend a funeral or feel badly about something we did.  Paradoxically, many people cry when they are happy, for instance at weddings.  Others cry when they are angry.

For men, there is less crying time than for women.  I have often wondered what the purpose of crying is or how the function developed.  What evolutionary or biological purpose does crying serve?  There are those that say that only music truly sets us apart from lower creatures, but do animals cry?  I have seen sadness in some of my pets, but I cannot say I have ever seen an animal crying.  For myself, I cannot say that I cry very much.  This is not to say that I never cry.  I…

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